River Valley Christian Church Martinsville Indiana

A group of believers worshipping Christ together at 4295 Egbert Road, Martinsville, Indiana 46151.

Please join us Sundays at 10:00 AM. You are always welcome at RVCC!

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Some Questions Answered...

How do I get to River Valley Christian Church?

Click Here for directions to RVCC.

What time is church?

Worship begins at 10:00 am each Sunday morning. Please come visit at RVCC. You are always welcome!

Is there a church dress code?

No. As long as it's modest and you're comfortable, that's fine! On a typical Sunday you would see some people wearing jeans and t-shirts and others wearing a coat and tie. Either, and everything in between is perfectly acceptable.

What is a worship service like?

In every Sunday morning worship time there are some common components. Worship music, prayer, Scripture reading, a message from God's Word, fellowship, as well as worshipping through giving our offerings and celebrating the Lord's Supper are all important parts of a typical Sunday morning at River Valley Christian Church. A worship service typically last about an hour and fifteen minutes but may go a little shorter or longer.

What kind of music do you use in worship?

Music is of a contemporary style with an older song or two every week as well. Some worship staples of late have been, Mighty to Save, Revelation Song, Glory to God Forever, The Wonderful Cross, There Is Power in the Blood, Shout to the Lord, and It's All Because of Jesus. Eclectic, singable, relevant, and definitely Bible-based are all terms that we'd like to think describe the worship music at RVCC. The songs listed above are just a small portion of the large worship repertoire we maintain. NOTE: Clicking on a song title above will open a new browser window at Amazon.com where you can hear a small portion of the song by clicking on a play button there. We'd like to share the entire song with you but cannot due to copyright concerns. Hope you enjoy!

Must I put something in the offering plate?

No. Although we absolutely believe every believer should express his faith, trust, and appreciation to God through regular giving and sacrifice, it is by no means required when you visit.

What is there for my children?

RVCC offers a nursery and children's programs (grade 5 and below) each Sunday morning staffed with people who have passed background checks. Additionally, there are a variety of other programs and activities for your kids. Please click the appropriate link for more information:

Nursery & Preschool



What about other programs or classes offered?

Please click one of the following links (or one of the links in the previous item for children and teens) to learn more about other programs offered at RVCC. The home page of this web site is another good place to see what's happening. Please e mail if you have any questions about RVCC's programming, classes, or other activities.

Adult Classes, Programs, and Activities

Senior Adults

Recreation Offerings

Opportunities to Serve

What about communion?

We partake of the Lord's Supper each week believing this is the Biblical model from the New Testament. During communion we remember the event that defines our lives, namely, Christ's death on a cross, where He purchased our salvation and redeemed us from the penalty of our sin. All believers are invited to partake.

What does RVCC believe?

RVCC strives to be a church after the New Testament model using the Bible as our only standard of faith and practice. Though we do not consider ourselves the only Christians, we endeavor to be Christians only, unified by our belief in the inerrant Word of God. We believe the church is the Bride of Christ and that Jesus is the Chief Cornerstone of His church. Therefore we aim to please Him by seeking His will and bringing him glory, honor, a praise through our worship, service, behavior, and more. Please click here to see a more detailed listing of RVCC's main tenets of belief, purpose, and practice.

How does one become a member of RVCC?

Anyone can become a member of River Valley Christian Church provided that they are a believer who has heard the Gospel of Christ; believes it; has chosen to repent from sin; confesses that Jesus, God's son, is the Christ (God's chosen Messiah); and has been immersed (baptized) for the remission of their sins and the gift of The Holy Spirit. For more information and a Scriptural basis, please see RVCC's beliefs in greater detail found here.

What will I see when I walk in the front door?

Entering the front door of River Valley's new building will place you in a lobby with an information booth where you can find about worship services, where your children's classes are located, and more. Behind the lobby area is a cafe serving coffee and refreshments until just a few minutes prior to the worship service. To the left of the lobby and cafe area is the classroom wing of the building also containing the nursery. And to the right of the lobby and cafe area is the worship center that is a multi-use room serving also as a fellowship hall, gymnasium, and more.

What if I have more questions?

Please do not hesitate to call (765)349-2700 or e mail with any questions you may have.